Stapler Surgery for Piles

What is Stapler Surgery for Piles ?

The swollen blood vessels around the anal orifice are referred to as piles or bawaseer. Numerous factors, such as constipation, genetics, or straining during bowel movements, might contribute to piles. They grow and the mass begins to emerge through the anal hole as the situation worsens. Stapler surgery for piles is one of the several treatments that are available to treat piles.

Although piles are fairly frequent, they can grow enormous, affect both men and women equally, and are most common between the ages of 45 and 65.

Currently, it is the gold standard for treating piles of grades 3 and 4. The prolapsed mucosa is “lifted up” or repositioned during this treatment, and blood flow to the internal haemorrhoids is decreased. Then, after a few weeks, these internal haemorrhoids disappear.

Costing Of Procedure

  • Appromimate stay in hospital 1day
  • Approximate cost- Rs 20000/-