Laparoscopic Surgery for Hernia

What is Laparoscopic Surgery for Hernia ? How it is performed.

When an internal organ or other body component pushes through the muscle or tissue that surrounds it normally, it develops a hernia. The majority of hernias develop in the abdomen, between the chest and the hips.

The surgical procedure of laparoscopic incisional hernia repair is novel. Specialized tools and surgical telescopes are used throughout the procedure. Through tiny incisions on the side of the hernia, the surgical mesh is inserted into the abdomen beneath the abdominal muscles. The risk of wound complications, such as infections, is reduced because the initial hernia’s weaker tissue is never cut again during the repair.


  • Operation through smaller incisions
  • Less painful.
  • Recovery quicker.
  • Safe and a more resilient repair than open incisional hernia repair.

Costing of Procedure:-

  • Appromimate stay in hospital 2 days
  • Approximate cost- Rs 25000/-