Laparoscopic Surgery for GERD/Hiatus

What is Laparoscopic Surgery for GERD/Hiatus.

The current “gold standard” for treating GERD in patients who don’t react fully to medication or are unable to take medication for another reason is laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication. The most popular antireflux treatment is laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication. Through incredibly small incisions, laparoscopic surgeries are carried out as the physician looks on a video display. The term “fundoplication” refers to the surgical procedure in which the fundus, the top of the stomach, is wrapped around the esophagus’s base. The fundoplication is sometimes known as a “wrap.” With this, the esophageal valve that malfunctions in GERD patients is essentially repaired. Surgery, as opposed to GERD drugs, prevents acid AND digestive enzyme reflux. As a result, surgery is a more effective treatment for reflux than medicine.

Costing Of procedure:-

  • Approximate stay in hospital 2 to 3days
  • Approximate cost- Rs 35000/-